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Attitude Skills and Knowledge to Empower (ASKE) is a team of individuals who have learnt the process of empowering fellow beings by working with people, at the grassroots’ level, for over a decade. Team members of ASKE comprise of former Swisscontact employees. This team has been responsible for empowering over 1500 youth and 18 youth clubs, and reconfiguring over 6 public sector organisations to be service oriented, transparent and accountable. ASKE strongly believes in the principle of “Helping others to help themselves” and is focused on this principle in whatever task embarked on.  ASKE is a result of Swisscontact’s long spell in Sri Lanka, a perfect example of sustainability. ASKE commenced operation as an independent entity on completion of Swisscontact projects in December 2010.

ASKE will take up assignments that are geared to initiate and transfer self-learning of skills and knowledge that will bring about a positive change in attitude, which would eventually empower our fellow beings to live a better life. Empowerment is a holistic process in enhancing the capacity of an individual or group of people economically, socially, politically and spiritually, to be influential in creating a desired change. Training for empowerment is an individualistic approach focused on personal transformation leading to community and/or organisational transformation.

We believe that each individual is unique and a group of unique individuals make a unique organisation. Therefore a problem will need a unique intervention, and it is this unique intervention that we strive to address.

We believe that no human can change their behaviour by solely listening to scholarly individuals. Change of attitude comes by walking an individual through a structured strategy of practical experience. We believe that empathy cannot be truly felt if one has not walked down that same road. The core team of ASKE comprises of such individuals whose objective is to share this experience to the benefit of fellow beings.







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